Wood Stains Australia Colours and Applications

Unless you love the site of natural wood, you need stains. Wood stains Australia colours range from lighter shades slightly darker than natural pine, to richer and deeper shades. When applied properly, the stain can make a cheaper or inferior cut of wood look more expensive. The stain has a thin consistency and looks more like a liquid than paint. However, you can also find gel stains that are much thicker and do not drip or move once applied to the wood. You can use the stains on furniture, floors, walls, and any other wood surface. Choosing from the wood stains Australia providers is the hardest part. There are hundreds of different companies that create wood stains and each has a different name for its shades. The colours vary slightly, even those in the same colour family. For example, two companies might use the name mahogany, though the colour is several shades darker from one company. If you are uncertain about what colour you want, look for sample sizes. These sample sizes are small cans that do not contain enough for a project, but have enough stain to test the colour before picking a colour.

When you apply a liquid stain, you mix the stain inside the can by rolling or shaking the can slightly. Dip a paintbrush into the wood stains Australia choice and brush the paint on the wood surface. Find the natural grain of the wood and move the brush along that grain. Depending on the manufacturer of the stain, you should let the stain sit for one to five minutes. This gives the wood time to absorb the stain. After it soaks into the wood, rub the wood with a cloth or an old rag. The cloth soaks the extra wood stain and makes the wood surface look natural.

You should apply a gel stain in the same manner. A liquid stain can run or drip off a vertical surface or pool in decorative or detailed areas of the wood. A gel stain is thick enough that it clings to the wood as the wood absorbs the stain and the gel will not roll off the wood. After applying and removing the excess wood stains Australia colour, follow up with a coat of clear sealant. Polyurethane or clear sealant applied with a paintbrush protects the wood and keeps the stain safe from water or damage caused by moisture.